Kill Baby … Kill! (1966)

In an 18th century village, the citizens are driven to suicide. All of the deaths involve loss of blood. The ghost of a young girl appears before they die.

The common criticism of Mario Bava is that his films, while beautiful looking, offer little in the way of coherency or explanation upon examination. This is actually his main asset. Like a nightmare, they appear ridiculous upon reflection, but are absolutely chilling while being experienced. The images are terrifying for their lack of rationale. The sequence which sticks in the minds of many viewers is when the hero continuously chases a phantom through the doors of a room which lead to the same room in a recursion. Eventually, he discovers the phantom is his doppelganger. The style is the substance. Bava’s masterfully evocative and dreamlike handling is further heightened by his use of colors which bring to mind Michael Powell. While this style would reach its frenzied and surreal peak with Lisa and the Devil, Kill Baby … Kill! is possibly his most effective creepshow. The cast contains Eurotrash regulars such as Giacomo Rossi Stuart (The Night Evelyn Came Out of Her Grave), Erika Blanc (The Devil’s Nightmare), and Fabienne Dali (The Libertine).

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