Edge of the Axe (1988)

Spanish exploitation filmmaker Jose Ramon Larraz carries a bit of a cult reputation, mostly for his softcore horror hybrid classic Vampyres and the Repulsion-riff Symptoms. This is one of several slashers he made towards the end of his career. The straightforward story involves some small town whose young female residents are being killed off by a masked man with an axe. The sheriff is reluctant to draw attention to the murders early on, claiming them to be accidents to keep the hamlet calm. Many suspect a hunky bike-riding nerd to be the perpetrator. His new girlfriend is as into video games and vintage Commodore computers as much as he is. The kills are less graphic than most of the slasher ilk, but they pack some ferocity (particularly the novel opening one in a carwash). The film winds down instead of having a traditional slice and dice finale, but the conclusion is refreshingly cynical.

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